Sunday, March 11, 2012

Money Saving Tips for Mama

Diba Tillery RN, BSN, CPST
With a new addition to the family, your overall expenses are about to hit an all-time high. Use our money saving tips to control these expenses.
1. Plan and budget your meals. Writing a grocery list with pre-planned meals can help you avoid impulse buys at the grocery store.
2. Shop at farmer's markets for fresh, low-cost produce and groceries.
3. Join as many mailing lists as you can to receive freebies and coupons. Examples include: formula manufacturers, on-line retailers, supermarkets, and wholesale/discount retailers.
4. Enter free giveaways and sweepstakes.
5. Join Upromise and earn up to 8% of your bill in college savings rewards when you dine out at any of over 8,000 participating restaurants. You can save for your child's college every time you shop, buy gas, eat out, and refer family and friends.
6. If you have to return to work, ask if your employer has a dependent (child) care flexible spending account. This program allows you to put some of your pre-tax salary aside to cover some of your child care costs. Another option is to file for a Child and Dependent Care Credit when filing your taxes. For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Services (IRS): Top Ten Facts About the Child and Dependent Care Credit.
7. Start a savings account for your baby and watch the money accumulate over the years.
Babies have always been a passion of mine, even at a very young age. It was not surprising to my family that I chose a career as a neonatal nurse. Throughout my nursing career, I have cared for many infants and have been exposed to a multitude of parental concerns. Utilizing my knowledge, skill and expertise, I have assisted many parents in transitioning into their new roles. Through the gratification of helping these families, the vision of Babies 411 was born.

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