Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree: Real or Artificial?

To answer this I consulted with environmentalists at Arbor Day. They feel that getting a real tree from forest thinnings or grown for the purpose of Christmas is much more environmentally sound. As it happens, many artificial trees are made from plastic and metal and may contain lead. And many of these trees end up in our landfills! Also, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, 85% of artificial Christmas trees are made overseas.

Arbor Day supports the traditional Christmas tree industry because of these reasons:

- Trees are renewable
- Tree farms provide jobs in rural areas and support American families 
- Trees provide erosion control, provide habitat for animals, and help with the oxygen and carbon dioxide control
- Trees provide to preserve open spaces
- Trees are biodegradable and recyclable: they can be made into chips or compost

This holiday season, consider using one of the evergreen trees in your yard as an outdoor Christmas tree! Have your kids help you decorate it with apples, nuts, carrots, or even corn, so that your resident animals can enjoy the holidays with you. 

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