Thursday, June 7, 2012

Natural Mosquito Repellant

Monika Pis, PhD, CPNP

My property is situated in the woods with a lake on one side and a swamp on the other. It's the perfect breeding ground for bloodthirsty mosquitoes. For years, I have been using various mosquito repellents with little results, and I always frowned on the continuous exposure to DEET, the most common ingredient of many mosquito repellents. So when a colleague of mine mentioned using a natural mosquito repellent and expressed his satisfaction with the results, I decided to do some research on the product. 

Mosquito Barrier, a natural mosquito repellent, is a strong liquid garlic made with garlic cloves. Turns out that using garlic as an insect repellent is not new. It has been used for years to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and even black flies. The magic ingredient in garlic that makes it so effective is sulfur. Garlic is not toxic to humans, pets, and it does not destroy plants, thus it seems like a perfect product for families to use in their backyards.

Mosquito Barrier kills mosquitoes on contact, suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water such as puddles, under a deck, or depressions in your lawn, and last but not least, garlic-coated plants keep mosquitoes out of the area. 

According to the manufacturer, four applications of Mosquito Barrier should be sufficient for the entire mosquito/tick season. However, that may vary depending on the terrain of a property.

After hearing about such great results, I decided to give Mosquito Barrier a try. I mixed it with water and liquid soap in a garden sprayer according to the manufacturer’s directions and sprayed the areas of the yard that are immediate to the house, including under the deck. A distinct garlic aroma hung over the house for the rest of the night, but it was gone by morning. The following afternoon, when I took a stroll among my flowerbeds, I did not seem to be bothered by mosquitoes as much as before. I re-sprayed the yard a week later and was pleased to notice the lack of mosquito frenzy. 

Three weeks have passed now and the mosquitoes are back. It’s time to spray again if I want to enjoy summer evenings in my garden. I will continue using Mosquito Barrier because it is effective, natural, and safe around children and pets. A big plus is that Mosquito Barrier can be safely used around people with respiratory disease, such as asthma. 

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