Monday, June 4, 2012

Sewing with Rescued Materials

Advancements in technology have increased the pace of our lives.  As a response, a vibrant Do It Yourself movement has risen to reclaim age old traditions the reconnect us to slower and simpler times.

With this in mind, award-winning blogger Maya Donenfeld offers a guide to working with her favorite recycled materials.  In Reinvention: Sewing With Rescued Materials, you will find 28 projects that seamlessly merge stitching, sustainability, and resourcefulness with simple, clean design.  Each chapter is dedicated to a single material; linen, burlap, wool and more, with accompanying projects.  Readers will learn details on the history of the material, deconstruction techniques, sewing tips, and information about the environmental impact.

Reinventing everyday materials into remarkable items of beauty and utility for the modern home and family will excite new and experienced sewers alike.  To add an element of personalization, Maya draws on her experience leading print workshops to share easy methods for transforming gently-used fabric with paint and ink.  Stenciling templates and thorough instructions are provided, as well as encouragement to invent your own designs.

Maya’s eco designs have been highly celebrated in print and across the web from Country Living, Green Craft Magazine, Treehugger, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy and more.  Her signature style of simplicity, beauty, and function is woven throughout Reinvention with gorgeous photography, her mother’s barn and the surrounding countryside an the backdrop.  Aditionally, stories, a favorite recipe, and nature activities are woven into the book to offer the reader an invitation to slow down, and create with intention.

About the Author
Maya Donenfeld writes the popular green crafting and simple living blog,  Her distinct designs utilize sustainable resources and fibers while weaving in elements from the natural world.  SHe find the imperfection of handmade endlessly inspiring and seeks out simple, and often humble materials to transform into useful items of beauty.  Maya is passionate about encouraging others to find their unique creative voice and gain confidence in their own capable hands.  Her award-winning website is filled with projects, inspiration and eco tutorials to light a fire under anyone wanting to artfully recycle, repurpose, and reinvent.

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