Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter Reads for Parents

Most parents want their children to do the right things, make and keep friends, and find meaning and direction in life. Some of us learn these things from our parents; others figure it out on their own.

However comfortable one is in his or her skin, teaching values to children is never easy. To make it easier, I recommend these three wonderful books that helped me understand how to provide guidance for my children, regarding friendships, morals, and purpose in life.

Good Kids, Tough Choices by Rushworth M. Kidder
This book gives "a crisp and practical framework" for teaching kids ethical behaviors based on honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness, and compassion. The author "focuses on the interface where parents and children personally encounter ethical challenges and have to find their way through them."
It's also a great guide showing parents how to teach responsibility, thrift, resolution of ethical dilemmas, moral courage, and how to control the influence of electronic media. It's a great tool for a modern parent. 

Friends Forever by Fred Frankel, PhD

This book shows parents how to help their children make friends and build long-lasting relationships. It shows how to weed out a child’s interests that are destructive to friendships and nurture those that build friendships. The book even teaches how to utilize social media (texting, face book, email, etc.) to make and keep friends.

The Purpose of Boys by Michael Gurian

Do boys who have no purpose in life develop a dark side? Do they lose a sense of self and set a stage for failure in life? These are the questions raised in this book by M. Gurian. He teaches parents how little boys develop their sense of purpose and how this journey changes in adolescence. Read this book to find out how to instill purpose in your son’s life through learning, work, and media use. Guide your son through adolescence by creating rites of passage for him.

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